Neil Young - Album, live e antologie

Discografia principale; nel catalogo ufficiale di NYA sono gli album della Original Release Series. Includiamo nella lista "studio" anche album di inediti come Time Fades Away, Rust Never Sleeps e Life, sebbene registrati interamente o parzialmente dal vivo.
Tutte le canzoni sono scritte da Young eccetto dove indicato.

Neil Young – 1968/1969
The Emperor of Wyoming / The Loner / If I Could Have Her Tonight / I've Been Waiting for You / The Old Laughing Lady / String Quartet from Whiskey Boot Hill [J. Nitzsche] / Here We Are in the Years / What Did You Do to My Life / I've Loved Her So Long / The Last Trip to Tulsa
Nota: la prima stampa dell'LP (dicembre 1968, poi ritirata in favore di una seconda versione ritenuta all'epoca migliorativa del suono) aveva mix differenti di "What Did You Do To My Life?", "If I Could Have Her Tonight" e "Here We Are In The Years" (in quest'ultima particolarmente evidenti). Gli originali si possono ascoltare sul sito ufficiale.

Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere – 1969 (Neil Young & Crazy Horse)
Cinnamon Girl / Everybody Knows This is Nowhere / Round and Round (It Won't Be Long) / Down By the River / The Losing End (When You're On) / Running Dry (Requiem for the Rockets) / Cowgirl in the Sand

After The Gold Rush – 1970
Tell Me Why / After the Gold Rush / Only Love Can Break Your Heart / Southern Man / Till the Morning Comes / Oh Lonesome Me [D. Gibson] / Don't Let It Bring You Down / Birds / When You Dance I Can Really Love / I Believe in You / Crippled Creek Ferry
 After The Gold Rush 50th – 2020 - bonus tracks: Wonderin' / Wonderin'
 Nota: la prima "Wonderin'" è l'out-take del 1970 pubblicata anche in Archives Vol. I, la seconda è una registrazione inedita del 1969.

Harvest – 1972
Out on the Weekend / Harvest / A Man Needs a Maid / Heart of Gold / Are You Ready for the Country / Old Man / There's a World / Alabama / The Needle and the Damage Done / Words
 Harvest 50th – 2022 - disco bonus tracks: Bad Fog Of Loneliness / Journey Through the Past / Dance Dance Dance
 disco Live BBC 1971: Out On The Weekend / Old Man / Journey Through The Past / Heart of Gold / Dont Let It Bring You Down / A Man Needs A Maid / Love In Mind / Dance Dance Dance
 Nota: le bonus tracks sono out-takes delle sessioni di Harvest.

Time Fades Away – 1973
Time Fades Away / Journey Through the Past / Yonder Stands the Sinner / L.A. / Love In Mind / Don't Be Denied / The Bridge / Last Dance
Nota: tecnicamente l'album è stato registrato dal vivo ma essendo a tutti gli effetti un album di inediti lo abbiamo inserito nella discografia principale.
 Time Fades Away 50th – 2023 - bonus track: The Last Trip To Tulsa
 Nota: "Tulsa" è la versione live uscita all'epoca come single b-side e ripubblicata in Archives Vol. II.

On The Beach – 1974
Walk On / See the Sky About to Rain / Revolution Blues / For the Turnstiles / Vampire Blues / On the Beach / Motion Pictures (for Carrie) / Ambulance Blues

Tonight’s The Night – 1975
Tonight's the Night / Speakin' Out / World on a String / Borrowed Tune / Come on Everybody Let's Go Downtown [D. Whitten/N. Young] / Mellow My Mind / Roll Another Number / Albuquerque / New Mama / Lookout Joe / Tired Eyes / Tonight's the Night

Zuma – 1975 (Neil Young & Crazy Horse)
Don't Cry No Tears / Danger Bird / Pardon My Heart / Lookin' for a Love / Barstool Blues / Stupid Girl / Drive Back / Cortez the Killer / Through My Sails

American Stars ‘n Bars – 1977
The Old Country Waltz / Saddle up the Palomino [N. Young/T. Drummond/B. Charles] / Hey Babe / Hold Back the Tears / Bite the Bullet / Star of Bethlehem / Will to Love / Like a Hurricane / Homegrown

Comes A Time – 1978
Goin' Back / Comes a Time / Look Out for My Love / Lotta Love / Peace of Mind / Human Highway / Already One / Field of Opportunity / Motorcycle Mama / Four Strong Winds [I. Tyson]

Rust Never Sleeps – 1979 (Neil Young & Crazy Horse)
My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue) / Thrasher / Ride My Llama / Pocahontas / Sail Away / Powderfinger / Welfare Mothers / Sedan Delivery / Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)

Hawks & Doves – 1980
Little Wing / The Old Homestead / Lost in Space / Captain Kennedy / Stayin' Power / Coastline / Union Man / Comin' Apart at Every Nail / Hawks and Doves

Reactor – 1981 (Neil Young & Crazy Horse)
Opera Star / Surfer Joe and Moe the Sleaze / T-Bone / Get Back on It / Southern Pacific / Motor City / Rapid Transit / Shots

Trans – 1982
Little Thing Called Love / If You Got Love / Computer Age / We R in Control / Transformer Man / Computer Cowboy (aka Syscrusher) / Hold on to Your Love / Sample and Hold / Mr. Soul / Like an Inca
Nota: l'LP originale, rispetto all'edizione CD successiva, presentava mix diversi di "Sample and Hold"  e "Transformer Man", inoltre "Like an Inca" aveva durata inferiore (gli originali si possono ascoltare sul sito ufficiale).

Everybody’s Rockin’ – 1983 (Neil Young & The Shocking Pinks)
Betty Lou's Got a New Pair of Shoes [B. Freeman] / Rainin' In My Heart [J. Moore/J. West] / Payola Blues / Wonderin' / Kinda Fonda Wanda / Jellyroll Man / Bright Lights, Big City [J. Reed] / Cry, Cry, Cry / Mystery Train [S. Phillips/H. Parker Jr.] / Everybody's Rockin'

Old Ways – 1985
The Wayward Wind [S. Lebowsky/H. Newman] / Get Back to the Country / Are There Any More Real Cowboys? / Once an Angel / Misfits / California Sunset / Old Ways / My Boy / Bound for Glory / Where Is the Highway Tonight?

Landing On Water – 1986
Weight of the World / Violent Side / Hippie Dream / Bad News Beat / Touch the Night / People on the Street / Hard Luck Stories / I Got a Problem / Pressure / Drifter

Life – 1987 (Neil Young & Crazy Horse)
Mideast Vacation / Long Walk Home / Around the World / Inca Queen / Too Lonely / Prisoners of Rock'n'Roll / Cryin' Eyes / When Your Lonely Heart Breaks / We Never Danced

This Note’s for You – 1988 (Neil Young & The Bluenotes)
Ten Men Workin' / This Note's for You / Coupe de Ville / Life in the City / Twilight / Married Man / Sunny Inside / Can't Believe Your Lyin' / Hey Hey / One Thing

Eldorado – 1989 (EP)
Cocaine Eyes / Don't Cry / Heavy Love / On Broadway [Mann/Weil/Leiber/Stoller] / Eldorado
Nota: EP a tiratura limitata; "Cocaine Eyes" e "Heavy Love" sono inedite altrove, mentre le altre canzoni ricompaiono su Freedom.

Freedom – 1989
Rockin' in the Free World / Crime in the City (Sixty to Zero Part I) / Don't Cry / Hangin' on a Limb / Eldorado / The Ways of Love / Someday / On Broadway [Mann/Weil/Leiber/Stoller] / Wrecking Ball / No More / Too Far Gone / Rockin' in the Free World

Ragged Glory – 1990 (Neil Young & Crazy Horse)
Country Home / White Line / F*!#in' Up / Over and Over / Love to Burn / Farmer John [D. Harris/D. Terry] / Mansion on the Hill / Days That Used to Be / Love and Only Love / Mother Earth (Natural Anthem)
 Ragged Glory - Smell The Horse – 2023 - bonus tracks: Interstate / Don't Spook The Horse / Boxcar / Born To Run
 Nota: questa versione si trova solo all'interno del box set Official Release Series Discs 22, 23+, 24, 25. I bonus sono out-takes delle sessions di Ragged Glory; "Don't Spook The Horse" era già stata pubblicata come singolo; "Interstate" era già stata pubblicata come single b-side e come bonus nel vinile di Broken Arrow.

Harvest Moon – 1992
Unknown Legend / From Hank to Hendrix / You and Me / Harvest Moon / War of Man / One of These Days / Such a Woman / Old King / Dreaming Man / Natural Beauty

Sleeps With Angels – 1994 (Neil Young & Crazy Horse)
My Heart / Prime of Life / Driveby / Sleeps With Angels / Western Hero / Change Your Mind / Blue Eden [N. Young/F. Sampedro/B. Talbot/R. Molina] / Safeway Cart / Train of Love / Trans Am / Piece of Crap / A Dream That Can Last

Mirror Ball – 1995
Song X / Act Of Love / I'm The Ocean / Big Green Country / Truth Be Known / Downtown / What Happend Yesterday? / Peace And Love [N. Young/E. Vedder] / Throw Your Hatred Down / Scenery / Fallen Angel
Nota: disco di Neil Young insieme ai Pearl Jam; il nome della band non compare per motivi discografici.

Dead Man (Original Soundtrack) – 1996
Guitar Solo 1 / The Round Stones Beneath The Earth... / Guitar Solo 2 / Why Art Thou Silent And Invisible... / Organ Solo / Do You Know How To Use This Weapon?... / Guitar Solo 3 / Nobody's Story / Guitar Solo 4 / Stupid White Men... / Guitar Solo 5 / Time For You To Leave, William Blake... / Guitar Solo 6
Nota: colonna sonora strumentale di Young intervallate a dialoghi del film e poesie di William Blake lette da Johnny Depp.

Broken Arrow – 1996 (Neil Young & Crazy Horse)
Big Time / Loose Change / Slip Away / Changing Highways / Scattered / This Town / Music Arcade / Baby What You Want Me To Do [J. Reed]

Silver & Gold – 2000
Good To See You / Silver & Gold / Daddy Went Walkin' / Buffalo Springfield Again / The Great Divide / Horseshoe Man / Red Sun / Distant Camera / Razor Love / Without Rings

Are You Passionate? – 2002
You're My Girl / Mr. Disappointment / Differently / Quit (Don't Say You Love Me) / Let's Roll / Are You Passionate? / Goin' Home / When I Hold You In My Arms / Be With You / Two Old Friends / She's A Healer

Greendale – 2003 (Neil Young & Crazy Horse)
Falling From Above / Double E / Devil's Sidewalk / Leave The Driving / Carmichael / Bandit / Grandpa's Interview / Bringin' Down Dinner / Sun Green / Be The Rain

Prairie Wind – 2005
The Painter / No Wonder / Falling Off The Face Of The Earth / Far From Home / It's A Dream / Prairie Wind / Here For You / This Old Guitar / He Was The King / When God Made Me

Living With War – 2006
After The Garden / Living With War / The Restless Consumer / Shock And Awe / Families / Flags Of Freedom / Let's Impeach The President / Looking For A Leader / Roger And Out / America The Beautiful [tradiz.]
 Living With War RAW - In The Beginning – 2006
 Edizione con missaggi differenti; non include "America The Beautiful"

Chrome Dreams II – 2007
Beautiful Bluebird / Boxcar / Ordinary People / Shining Light / The Believer / Spirit Road / Dirty Old Man / Ever After / No Hidden Path / The Way
Nota: "Ordinary People"  è la versione originale con i Bluenotes del 1988.

Fork In The Road – 2009
When Worlds Collide / Fuel Line / Just Singing A Song / Johnny Magic / Cough Up The Bucks / Get Behind The Wheel / Off The Road / Hit The Road / Light A Candle / Fork In The Road

Le Noise – 2010
Walk With Me / Sign Of Love / Someone's Gonna Rescue You / Love And War / Angry World / Hitchhiker / Peaceful Valley Boulevard / Rumblin'

Americana – 2012 (Neil Young & Crazy Horse)
Oh Susannah [S.F. Collins] / Clementine [tradiz.] / Tom Dula [tradiz.] / Gallows Pole [tradiz.] / Get A Job [R. Lewis/E. Beal/R. Edwards/W. Horton] / Travel On [tradiz.] / High Flyin' Bird [B.E. Wheeler] / Jesus' Chariot (She'll Be Coming 'Round The Mountain) [tradiz.] / This Land Is YourLand [W. Guthrie] / Wayfarin' Stranger [tradiz.] / God Save The Queen [T.A. Arne]
Nota: disco di cover di tradizionali americani.

Psychedelic Pill – 2012 (Neil Young & Crazy Horse)
Driftin' Back / Psychedelic Pill / Ramada Inn / Born In Ontario / Twisted Road / She's Always Dancing / For The Love Of Man / Walk Like A Giant / Psychedelic Pill (Alternate Mix)

A Letter Home – 2014
A Letter Home Intro / Changes [P. Ocs] / Girl From The North Country [B. Dylan] / Needle Of Death [B. Jansch] / Early Morning Rain [G. Lightfoot] / Crazy [W. Nelson] / Reason To Believe [T. Hardin] / On The Road Again [W. Nelson] / If You Could Read My Mind [G. Lightfoot] / Since I Met You Baby [I.J. Hunter] / My Hometown [B. Springsteen] / I Wonder If I Care As Much [D. Everly]
 Edizione LP deluxe bonus tracks: Blowin' In The Wind [B. Dylan] / Crazy [W. Nelson]
Nota: disco di cover di folk songs. Le due bonus track sono disponibili anche sul sito ufficiale.

Storytone – 2014
Plastic Flowers / Who's Gonna Stand Up? / I Want To Drive My Car / Glimmer / Say Hello To Chicago / Tumbleweed / Like You Used To Do / I'm Glad I Found You / When I Watch You Sleeping / All Those Dreams
Nota: l'album si presenta in due versioni su due CD diversi, una orchestrale e una acustica (demo).
 Mixed Pages Of Storytone – 2014terza versione dell'album uscita solo in digitale che presenta un missaggio delle due versioni, eccetto "Who's Gonna Stand Up?" che è in una versione live con sovraincisioni.

The Monsanto Years – 2015 (Neil Young & Promise Of The Real)
A New Day For Love / Wolf Moon / People Want To Hear About Love / Big Box / A Rock Star Bucks A Coffee Shop / Workin' Man / Rules Of Change / Monsanto Years / If I Don't Know

Peace Trail – 2016
Peace Trail / Can’t Stop Workin’ / Indian Givers / Show Me / Texas Rangers / Terrorist Suicide Hang Gliders / John Oaks / My Pledge / Glass Accident / My New Robot

The Visitor – 2017  (Neil Young & Promise Of The Real)
Already Great / Fly By Night Deal / Almost Always / Stand Tall / Change Of Heart / Carnival / Diggin' A Hole / Children Of Destiny / When Bad Got Good / Forever

Colorado – 2019 (Neil Young & Crazy Horse)
Think Of Me / She Showed Me Love / Olden Days / Help Me Lose My Mind / Green Is Blue / Shut It Down / Milky Way / Eternity / Rainbow of Colors / I Do

The Times – 2020 (EP)
Alabama / Campaigner / Ohio / The Times They Are A-Changin' [B. Dylan] / Looking For A Leader 2020 / Southern Man / Little Wing 
Nota: versioni registrate in casa durante la pandemia (per la serie di video Fireside Sessions proposta dal sito ufficiale).

Barn – 2021 (Neil Young & Crazy Horse)
Song Of The Seasons / Heading West / Change Ain't Never Gonna / Canerican / Shape Of You / They Might Be Lost / Human Race / Tumblin' Thru The Years / Welcome Back / Don't Forget Love

World Record – 2022 (Neil Young & Crazy Horse)
Love Earth / Overhead / I Walk With You (Earth Ringtone) / This Old Planet (Changing Days) / The World (Is In Trouble Now) / Break The Chain / The Long Day Before / Walkin’ On The Road (To The Future) / The Wonder Won’t Wait / Chevrolet / This Old Planet (Reprise)

Nel catalogo ufficiale di NYA anche questi album appartengono alla Original Release Series.
Tutte le canzoni sono scritte da Young eccetto dove indicato.

Live Rust – 1979 (Neil Young & Crazy Horse)
Sugar Mountain / I Am a Child / Comes a Time / After the Goldrush / My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue) / When You Dance I Can Really Love / The Loner / The Needle and the Damage Done / Lotta Love / Sedan Delivery / Powderfinger / Cortez the Killer / Cinnamon Girl / Like A Hurricane / Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black) / Tonight's The Night

Weld – 1991 (Neil Young & Crazy Horse)
Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black) / Crime in the City / Blowin' in the Wind [B. Dylan] / Welfare Mothers / Love to Burn / Cinnamon Girl / Mansion of the Hill / F*!#in' Up / Cortez the Killer / Powderfinger / Love and Only Love / Rockin' in the Free World / Like a Hurricane / Farmer John [D. Harris/D. Terry] / Tonight's the Night / Roll Another Number

Arc – 1991 (Neil Young & Crazy Horse)
Nota: unica traccia strumentale (mix delle code di feedback dei brani di Weld).

Unplugged – 1993
Old Laughing Lady / Mr. Soul / World on a String / Pocahontas / Stringman / Like a Hurricane / The Needle and the Damage / Helpless / Harvest Moon / Transformer Man / Unknown Legend / Lookout for My Love / Long May You Run / From Hank to Hendrix

Year Of The Horse – 1997 (Neil Young & Crazy Horse)
When You Dance I Can Really Love / Barstool Blues / When Your Lonely Heart Breaks / Mr. Soul / Big Time / Pocahontas / Human Highway / Slip Away / Scattered (Let's Think About Livin') / Danger Bird / Prisoners Of Rock 'n' Roll / Sedan Delivery 

Road Rock – 2001 (Neil Young with Friends & Relatives)
Cowgirl In The Sand / Walk On / Fool For Your Love / Peace Of Mind / Words / Motorcycle Mama / Tonight's The Night / All Along The Watchtower [B. Dylan]

Earth – 2016 (Neil Young & Promise Of The Real)
Mother Earth / Seed Justice / Country Home / The Monsanto Years / Western Hero / Vampire Blues / Hippie Dream / After The Gold Rush / Human Highway / Big Box / People Want to Hear About Love / Wolf Moon / Love And Only Love

Before & After  2023
I'm The Ocean / Homefires / Burned / On The Way Home / If You Got Love / A Dream That Can Last / Birds / My Heart / When I Hold You In My Arms / Mother Earth / Mr. Soul / Comes A Time / Don't Forget Love

Fu##in' Up – 2024
City Life (Country Home) / Feels Like A Railroad (White Line) / Heart Of Steel (Fuckin' Up) / Broken Circle (Over And Over) / Valley Of Hearts (Love To Burn) / Farmer John [D. Harris/D. Terry] / Walkin' In My Place (Mansion On The Hill) / To Follow One's Own Dream (Days That Used To Be) / A Chance On Love (Love And Only Love)

Tutte le canzoni sono scritte da Young eccetto dove indicato.

Journey Through The Past (Original Soundtrack) – 1972
For What It's Worth [Stills] - Mr. Soul / Rock & Roll Woman [Stills] / Find the Cost of Freedom [Stills] / Ohio / Southern Man / Are You Ready for the Country / Let Me Call You Sweetheart [Friedman/Whitson] / Alabama / Words / Relativity Invitation [movie dialog] / Handel's Messiah [Handel] / King of Kings [Rozsa] / Soldier / Let's Go Away for Awhile [Wilson]
Nota: "For What It's Worth - Mr. Soul" e "Rock & Roll Woman" sono live con i Buffalo Springfield (1967); "Find the Cost of Freedom", "Ohio" e "Southern Man" sono live con CSN&Y al Fillmore East 1970; "Are You Ready for the Country" e "Alabama" sono le stesse versioni di Harvest, editate; "Words" è un take differente, più lungo, intermezzato dalle voci in studio (lo stesso ripubblicato su Archives Vol.1); "Soldier" è inedita.

Decade – 1977
Down To The Wire* / Burned / Mr. Soul / Broken Arrow / Expecting To Fly / Sugar Mountain / I Am A Child / The Loner/ The Old Laughing Lady / Cinnamon Girl / Down By The River / Cowgirl In The Sand / I Believe In You / After The Gold Rush / Southern Man / Helpless / Ohio / Soldier / Old Man / A Man Needs A Maid / Harvest / Heart Of Gold / Star Of Bethlehem / The Needle And The Damage Done / Tonight's The Night (Part 1) / Tired Eyes / Walk On / For The Turnstiles / Winterlong* / Deep Forbidden Lake* / Like A Hurricane / Love Is A Rose* / Cortez The Killer / Campaigner* / Long May You Run
Nota: antologia del periodo 1966-77; le tracce segnate con * sono inedite; "Long May You Run" presenta il mix alternativo con Crosby e Nash alle voci; "Ohio" era uscita precedentemente solo su singolo e nell'antologia So Far di CSN&Y.

Lucky Thirteen – 1993
Sample and Hold / Transformer Man / Depression Blues* / Get Gone* / Don't Take Your Love Away From Me* / Once an Angel / Where Is the Highway Tonight / Hippie Dream / Pressure / Around the World / Mideast Vacation / Ain't It the Truth* / This Note's for You
Nota: antologia del periodo Geffen; le tracce segnate con * sono inedite; "Ain't It The Truth" e "This Note's For You" sono live (saranno poi incluse in Bluenote Cafè); "Sample and Hold" è il mix elettronico uscito nella versione CD di Trans.

Greatest Hits – 2004
Down By The River / Cowgirl In The Sand / Cinnamon Girl / Helpless / After The Gold Rush / Only Love Can Break Your Heart / Southern Man / Ohio / The Needle and The Damage Done / Old Man / Heart Of Gold / Like A Hurricane / Comes A Time / Hey Hey, My My / Rockin’ In The Free World / Harvest Moon
Nota: tutte versioni edite e rimasterizzate.

Solo canzoni di Young (per approfondire passa a Discografia Buffalo Springfield)

Buffalo Springfield – 1966
Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing / Flying On The Ground Is Wrong / Burned / Do I Have To Come Right Out And Say It / Out Of My Mind

Buffalo Springfield Again – 1967
Mr. Soul / Expecting To Fly / Broken Arrow

Last Time Around – 1968
On The Way Home / I Am A Child

Buffalo Springfield box set  – 2001
There Goes My Babe (demo) / Out Of My Mind (demo) / Flying On The Ground Is Wrong (demo) / I'm Your Kind Of Guy (demo) / Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing / Burned / Do I Have To Come Right Out And Say It / Out Of My Mind / Down Down Down (demo) / Flying On The Ground Is Wrong / Down Down Down (remix) / Kahuna Sunset (Stills, Young) / Mr. Soul / Down To The Wire / Expecting To Fly / One More Sign (demo) / The Rent Is Always Due (demo) / Round And Round And Round (demo) / Old Laughing Lady (demo) / Broken Arrow / On The Way Home (previously unreleased mix) / Whatever Happened To Saturday Night? (remix) / Falcon Lake (Ash On The Floor) (remix) / Am A Child
Nota: il box set include sia demo e out-takes (inedite), sia le versioni degli album.

Solo canzoni di Young (per approfondire passa a Discografia CSN&Y)

Dejà Vù – 1970
Helpless / Country Girl
Nota: Young figura anche come co-autore di Everybody I Love You ma il suo contributo fu minimo al brano di Stills.

4 Way Street – 1971 (live)
On the Way Home / Cowgirl in the Sand / Don't Let It Bring You Down / Medley: The Loner / Cinnamon Girl / Down by the River / Southern Man / Ohio

Long May You Run – 1976 (The Stills-Young Band)
Long May You Run / Midnight On The Bay / Ocean Girl / Let It Shine / Fontainebleau

American Dream – 1988
American Dream / Name Of Love / This Old House / Feel Your Love
Nota: Young figura anche come co-autore di Got It Made, Drivin' Thunder e Night Song di Stills.

Looking Forward – 1999
Looking Forward / Slowpoke / Out Of Control / Queen Of Them All

Dejà Vu Live – 2008 (live)
Living with War (Theme) / After the Garden / Let's Impeach the President / Shock and Awe / Families / Looking for a Leader / Living with War / Roger and Out / Living with War (Theme)

CSNY 1974 – 2014 (live)
Helpless / Traces / On The Beach / Only Love Can Break Your Heart / Long May You Run / Goodbye Dick / Old Man / Love Art Blues / Hawaiian Sunrise / Don't Be Denied / Revolution Blues / Pushed It Over The End / Ohio

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